A Smokehouse, A Trendy Establishment And A Date Night Restaurant In Plano TX

You might not know that Plano TX has been nicknamed the world’s gymnastics capital. It ranks in the top 100 cities in America in terms of size, too. That is pretty impressive, and that might have something to do with it being a corporate headquarters of sorts of course. This article is going to feature three popular restaurants in Plano, however, so let’s stay away from the corporate chains for this piece.

Estilo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse is first on the list, and it is located at 8650 State Highway 121. You know you will find some delicious steaks there, but you will also find bacon wrapped chicken, flan, lamb, skewers and more. Reviews point out that this restaurant is a nice place to have a romantic dinner. You can also order up cured meats and cheeses, and that sounds absolutely delicious.

Now it’s time to enjoy meat a different way, the smokehouse barbecue way. The place is Kenny’s Smokehouse, and it is located at 5760 Legacy Drive. Enjoy beef ribs, loaded mashed potatoes, collard greens, smoked turkey, cornbread and more. One person said that the mac n cheese is so good that it should be illegal. The salmon salad is also said to be quite delicious. So as you can see, this establishment has a little bit of everything.

The third Plano TX restaurant is Sixty Vines, and it is located at 3701 Dallas Parkway. Order up fried zucchini, Crab Louie Salad, Bianca Pizza and much more. This restaurant in Plano is said to be quite trendy.

So you have a trendy restaurant, a smokehouse and a date night steakhouse to enjoy while you are in Plano TX. I would say that is quite the trifecta, wouldn’t you? Enjoy those delicious meals, and have a good time vacationing in Plano TX.