City Of Plano Releases Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule

PLANO, TX — Winter holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day usually mean Americans will see trash piling up in their homes. Food waste, wrapping paper and other yuletide supplies can turn into an exorbitant amount of waste, which is why Plano has chosen to collect additional garbage placed in bags outside of the regular trash cart.

The hard working city employees who make the regular rounds will deservingly spend Christmas with their families this year, but trash pickup schedules will vary by only one day. The City of Plano has released the holiday schedule to let you know when trash collection will be made on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In the week of Christmas, collections will slide forward one day.

Most households generate extra garbage around the holidays. For this reason, we will collect additional garbage placed in plastic bags outside of your cart. This excess garbage will only be picked up during the week following the holiday.


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