Is It Too Late To Learn The Piano As An Adult?

Being able to play the piano is a magical skill. The ability to tinkle the ivories and produce beautiful melodies is a talent that many people would love to have.

For some people however, they feel that this skill is out of their reach. Why? An unspoken presumption can exist that to be a great piano player you must learn when you are a child. Is this really the case? Of course not!

It’s true that learning the piano as a child has many advantages. Indeed, by starting to learn when at a young age, by the time the child is a teenager they can experience the joy of being an experienced and skilled musician.

However, if you did not have the opportunity to learn music as a child, not all is lost! There are some elements to music which an adult will grasp to a higher level than a child. For example, music has the power to evoke strong emotions, to paint a mesmerising story and to touch the very depths of our soul. Most children do not have sufficient life experience or maturity to truly capture this side to the music they play. Adults on the other hand can tap into this beautiful face of music, often with very little conscious effort.

So if you are an adult who has the desire to become a pianist, by all means you are capable of fulfilling your ambition! Whether you choose to teach yourself by using the many online tools available, or you decide to enlist the help of a piano teacher, the key element to success is to enjoy the journey. After all, music is a gift and we all have the right to enjoy it to the full.