Plan To Have A Meal At One Of These Three Restaurants While In Plano TX

Located in Northeast Texas is a city called Plano, and it is known for how many corporate headquarters it has, for starters. Plano is also a great city to visit and of course a great city to call home. As you look at what all Plano has to offer you, one thing you might consider is what restaurants to stop in for a good bite to eat. So allow me to give you three great restaurant picks for Plano TX.

Main Street Deli is a great first choice, and some of the menu items you can expect to enjoy there include fried mushrooms, a chicken caeser wrap and gyros. A good gyro sounds delicious right about now if you ask me. Main Street Deli is a great lunch spot that reviewers say has a great staff that will not disappoint you.

Lockhart Smokehouse is the next Plank TX restaurant I wanted to bring to your attention. Have you ever tried jalapenos with your mac n cheese? I haven’t either, but it definitely sounds like something a restaurant in Texas would do. As a matter of fact, the picture makes it look like they use raw jalapeno slices and not pickled ones. Relax, the jalapenos are placed on the top so you can take them off if you like. What’s really important is this places makes some delicious Texas barbecue.

Mexican Sugar is another top establishment, and it is on Lone Star Drive. Chicken tacos, red snapper, chocolate cake and much more await you as you make your way to Mexican Sugar for brunch. There is no shortage of great restaurants in Plano to choose from, and you will surely enjoy these three. Have a great time getting to know Plano TX and everything that there is to do there.