Plano Woman Finds Bobcat in Her Living Room

It happened so fast Pat McDonald of Plano didn’t have time to be scared. Like most days, McDonald had left the back door slightly ajar so her dogs could freely go in and out to the backyard.

“I just wanted him out of the house,” she said.

McDonald is talking about the bobcat that she says chased one of her two miniature Pinschers, Precious, into the house.

“My little Precious comes racing in here, screaming at the top of her lungs,” McDonald said motioning to the living room of her Plano home.

She described the bobcat as a “big cat” and “muscular.” She says the bobcat was too fast to get a picture of but a neighbor, Louise Chen has seen it while walking her two dogs. She says she never imagined it would go into a home.

“That’s giving me goose bumps. Yes, a little scary,” said Chen.

The bobcat raced into McDonald’s home and leaped onto their display cabinet. It knocked the candle holders off and the pictures on the wall were in disarray.

It had perched on that display cabinet for a moment before McDonald opened the door fully.

“It looked to get up on high ground because that’s what bobcats like to do; to get up somewhere higher where they’re safer,” said Jamey Cantrell.

Cantrell is from the Plano Animal Services and says the whole thing is highly unusual. He says there are only one to two incidents in the city per month where a bobcat attacks a pet. But in his two decades with the Animal Service, he says he has never heard of a bobcat entering a home.

Thankfully the bobcat raced back outside. But her 9-year-old dog was badly hurt.

“She was bleeding like a little stuffed hog… poor little thing,” said McDonald.

The vet says she’ll survive, but there are bites to the head, ear, and neck. From now on McDonald says the doors will stay shut. She also says her dogs will always be watched when they are outside.

“That memory will be burned in my mind forever,” she said.

Animal Services wants to remind people to not leave their back doors open. Other officials who work with animals say pets can fall prey to bobcats and coyotes regardless of size.

The dog lucky to be alive! What happened to Pat McDonald & her dog is “very unusual” says Animal Services. Watch story @10 @wfaachannel8

— Jobin Panicker (@jobinpnews) April 27, 2017

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