These Three Plano TX Restaurants Are Branded With The Same Name

This list of three of the best restaurants in Plano TX is a little unique, and you’re going to find out why shortly. I have highlighted some restaurants in this city before. Upon looking briefly at the top restaurants in Plano on a travel site once again, I quickly noticed something really cool about three of them. You see, each of them started with the name Kenny.

There is Kenny’s Smokehouse, Kenny’s Italian Kitchen and Kenny’s Burger Joint. Out of those three types of establishments, where would you want to stop first? That’s a hard pick for me because I love barbecue, burgers and Italian food. I would probably want to visit the smokehouse first, the burger joint second and the Italian restaurant third.

No, they are not all three located in the same exact area. They are spread out a little. It is interesting to note that the barbecue and burger joints are ranked #5 and #6 respectively according to a top travel site. The Italian restaurant comes in at #24, but hey, that’s still a great ranking. There are of course plenty of other restaurants in the city.

The smokehouse shows a picture of its delicious sausage on a top travel site, and the lasagna is featured for the Italian restaurant. It is interesting to see all three of those restaurants put out there with the same branding, and it makes you wonder if there will be another Kenny’s soon. If there was another one opened, what type of cuisine do you think it should serve up? Kenny’s doesn’t really fit with Mexican cuisine I suppose, but that would be my next pick. Or, how about a steakhouse that also serves up seafood. You know, a good surf and turf would be a fit, don’t you think so?